The Mommas

Amanda is a high school teacher, crafter, and aspiring writer. She lives in sunny South Carolina where she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two dogs. A pro at social media, Amanda likes sharing life’s little moments through writing and pictures. A few obsessions include chugging gallons of sweet tea, Chick-fil-a every day, and making lists for all things. When she’s not spending time with family, Amanda can be found relaxing with a good Netflix series.

IMG_2333.jpgKailyn is an avid list-maker, year-round iced coffee drinker, and native New Englander currently living in the Sunshine State with her husband, toddler, dog and cat. She’s kind of a control freak and hates surprises. Writing has always helped her process things and motherhood is surely no different. Once a classroom teacher, she now spends her days teaching from home and chasing around a fiery red-headed little girl.