The Art of Frugal

I hate the word cheap. I’m not what I would consider to be cheap, but I am frugal. I like to save money. I love getting cash back. If there’s a coupon, I’m going to use it and I’m going to try to use another one. Customer loyalty cards and rewards are my jam. When I’m ordering something online, you better believe I search for promo codes to apply to my order! We’re approaching the season of giving (aka: the season when my porch is stacked with deliveries), and I’m not about to empty my bank account for Christmas gifts.

This post is to teach you my art of frugal. Teach you my ways of cash back and discounts galore. Do my ways sometimes take a little longer and a little digging? Sure. But I just consider my cash back to be my paycheck for the time spent on searching for a sale.


First, get yourself an Ebates account. This is my favorite way to get cash back, and the easiest. How does it work? Go to the Ebates website or app (if you’re a phone shopper like me) and search for your store. Amazon, JCPenny, Target, and more are available on their site. Even Groupon! You can save on your savings! Once you find the store you want to shop, click “Shop Now” and go about your business. Once you process your order, Ebates will run your purchase through their system and you’ll earn cash back. You can also connect your payment card to your account and receive cash back on some in store purchases. A few times a year they do a “Big Fat Check” and you get your money sent to you via mail. My last payout looks like this:

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.03.49 PM

Sure, I’m not rolling in to dough with that last payout, but $10 is $10. It’s super easy. If you’re shopping online anyway, why not get some of that money back?

Another great money saver is Ibotta. Everyone has heard of Ibotta for your groceries, but they offer so much more. They offer receipt upload for places like JoAnn and Dick’s Sporting Goods. They also offer mobile shopping for places like Best Buy and Zulily! At this moment, there is a great deal for an additional $5.00 cash back when you redeem a single Mobile Shopping Offer. So  you can get you 6% cash back on your Belk order and get an additional $5 added to your account! Personally, I’ve used this cash back on date nights! I redeem the money for dinner gift cards and go on a date with my main squeeze.

Target. Ok, if you don’t have a Target Red Card (who doesn’t have a red car by now??), you’re missing out! Use your Target red card to get 5% off of every single purchase. Also, free shipping always. If you’re shopping in store, you can use your Cartwheel deals to save even more moolah.

A few other apps I like to scroll and occasionally snag deals on are Zulily and Groupon. Again, search Ebates and Ibotta to see what kind of deals you can grab on these discount websites. WORTH IT.

So…. This was just a quick “How I do Christmas Shopping on a Budget” type of post… I can post at a later time for tips with coupons, grocery apps/rebates, mobile ordering, and more! Hopefully it helps you save some moo-lah this holiday season!


*I have not been paid for this post. This is literally me sharing things that I love to use to save money! Every penny counts, people! 

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