A Year of Dates.

I hate to even think about this but: Christmas is just around the corner. I know, that blows me away! We’re days away from October, which will fly by. Then we’ll be jumping into Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. Before you know it, Christmas will come and go and we’ll have no clue how January 2019 snuck up on us so quickly. With all of that in mind, I come to you with the best Christmas gift for your main squeeze.

We all know that men are tough to buy for. What do they even like? Socks? Beards? Tools…? And how many tools can you really purchase for one person?! But I have the perfect gift for you! A year of pre-planned and (if you can manage) pre-paid dates! I gifted this to my husband last year on a whim and it’s been fun! I’ll be honest that we haven’t gotten to every month because this has been a Season of Busy. However, it has still been fun opening up and envelope and seeing what 10 months ago me planned for our date this month.

In the spirit of intentionality, I wanted to make sure that we made time to focus on us. It was quickly put together with the help of Pinterest and input from friends.

First I started with a plan. Where would we go? What would we do? What could we afford…? I decided that we would switch back and forth between an “Out on the Town” date and an “At Home” date. I settled on the following dates:

  • January: Bowling (Dinner, shoes, and games already paid for with a Groupon deal!)
  • February: @ home date– homemade pizza & a cheesy romantic comedy
  • March: Husband’s birthday dinner– restaurant of his choice
  • April: @ home date– baking cookies and taking a dance class on YouTube
  • May: Weekend getaway for 6 year wedding anniversary (we’ll plan this together… I wasn’t prepared enough to plan this one!)
  • June: @ home date– appetizers and board games
  • July: Putt putt 
  • August: @ home date– ice cream sundaes with ALL the toppings
  • September: Hometown tourists; explore Downtown Charleston and make sure to get some ice cream
  • October: @ home date– Order dinner to be delivered and complete the 20 question quiz with each other
  • November: Picnic in the park– grab food from CFA or Subway and enjoy food outside
  • December: My birthday dinner– restaurant of my choice. 

Next, I made the envelopes for the date information to be housed.


The cool thing about this is that my husband is able to tell what kind of date we’re going on but not the specifics. He can see that it’s an “at home” date or if we’re going out on the town. In the interest of honesty, I took the idea for this envelope here. I did type it up myself in my font of choice though! The rule is that he cannot open the envelope for the month until the first of that month. At that point, we settle on a date and write it in stone.

After the envelopes were ready to go, I made cards for each month. I tried to be clever with the sayings and pictures on the cards. I also tried to add something to each envelope that went with the date.

Once that was all said and done, I put them in a gift bag and placed them under the Christmas tree. My husband claimed that he was really excited and loved the gift– Hope he was telling the truth! 

You can be as relaxed or as extravagant with these dates as you please. On Pinterest, I saw that some people were adding concert tickets and other big ticket items to their date envelopes, which just isn’t in our budget. That’s the beauty of this idea: budget friendly!

Use the time you have between now and Christmas to find your crazy, crafty, romantic side make a homemade gift for your significant other. With this gift, everyone wins!

If you do this, feel free to tag us in your date posts on Instagram– we’d love to keep up with your romantic outings and sweet at home dates. We are @themakingsofmotherhood on Instagram!

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