DIY Baby Wipes

I’m a little crispy as a Mom.

Ha, let me explain…What I mean is, I’m not a full-on “crunchy mom.” We did choose to cloth diaper for a various reasons, (and how cute is a cloth booty, am I right?) But I’m also not whatever the opposite is.

I’m kind of in-between, I guess you could say? Therefore, I’m settling on the term crispy.

When I was pregnant I thought about a lot of things in terms of parenthood; how my husband and I would parent S, how we would encourage and teach her, how we would discipline, etc. How I would wipe babe’s booty is not really one of them. So in the first month of her life when my kid had rash after rash and was screaming in pain I knew I had to do something. After a quick Pinterest and Dr. Google search, trying all the sensitive and Water Wipes (HOLY EXPENSIVE), I realized I could make my own for cheap. At first I was pretty overwhelmed at such a seemingly-extensive process (it’s not…at all, so stinkin’ easy) but hey, we will really do anything for our kid, won’t we?

Two years later, my child is still needing her butt wiped (oh parenthood…) and I’m still making the thing that wipes it on my stove once a week. And all in all, I don’t mind one bit. It’s awesome to know what goes into the product I’m putting on my kid’s most sensitive skin and if that makes me a little crispy, so be it. In addition to this motive, it’s also been an unexpected financial blessing, even if it is such a small area. Buying something like wipes adds up! It takes minimal effort and after all this time, I can pretty much do the process without thinking. Regardless of sensitivity or necessity, I will 100% make my own wipes for any future kiddos for these reasons alone.

I know, you’re at the edge of your seat wondering how I make them…


What you’ll need:

Vivia Paper Towels Strong and Soft – Make sure these are the ones you use! I have tried other brands or versions of Viva and they don’t hold up well. The Strong and Soft are very “cloth-like” and don’t rips or disintegrate at all. You can often find coupons for these and stop up. You’re actually only using a half of a roll at a time.

Cold-pressed, Pure and Unrefined Coconut Oil – I get this off Amazon and save a couple cents using the subscription tool. I use coconut oil to cook and bake so a decent-sized tub of it still gets use in our house.


Empty plastic wipe box

That’s it. That’s literally what’s in my wipes. And now you’re doing to read the directions and be like, “seriously? That’s it?” I have seen some other “recipes” floating around online that use shampoo or body wash, but it’s really not necessary. And I promise you, these keep S’s bottom clean and have been for two years and counting.


1. Cut the Viva paper towel in half (it’ll be about a toilet paper roll size). I use a serrated knife for this and it works just fine.

2. Boil about 2 cups of water in a saucepan on the stove for a few minutes.

3. Once boiling, add about 2 generous tablespoons of the coconut oil. Let the mixture boil for another coupl

e minutes to fully melt.

4. Take the pan off the heat and let it FULLY cool. Place the one of the cut paper towel rolls in a plastic wipe box standing up like a toilet paper roll.

5. Once the liquid is completely cooled, (or mostly cooled, depending on how brave you are…) slowly pour it over the paper towel inside the wipe box. I promise you this fits, I know it looks ridiculous initially! With your palm, press the paper towel evenly down into the wipe box so that you can close the lid.



6. Close the wipe box lid and flip it upside down for 5-10 minutes so the liquid can drain to each side of the roll. I usually just put it on a dish towel or in the sink in case any of the oil-based liquid slips out.

7. Open the box and remove the cardboard middle part of the paper towel roll. Gently pull the beginning of the roll from the MIDDLE part. You should now be able to feed it through the wipe container slot like regular wipes!

And done!

(When S was a baby and going through more diapers I made these probably every 5ish days, but now I make them every 7-8 days).

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