Missing in Action

Wow– it’s been over a month since we’ve posted on the blog website, though we stay active on Instagram. Life has just been… crazy. Is that a good enough excuse? Can you forgive us for our slackness if we’re honest by just saying that we’ve been busy?

To add to that, I’ll be honest in that I haven’t felt very inspired to write lately. I love writing and wanted this blog to be an extension of that. I wanted to be able to have these beautiful words flow from my fingertips and inspire other women to be this amazing version of themselves! But life lately has just been too much and I know I haven’t been able to focus on being the “best version” of myself. How am I able to inspire other moms when I feel like my life is swirling around a very tired toilet? Between being a wife and mom, trying to take care of my house (even a little), adding back in working full time, some travel for family obligations, and adding in an additional job with VIPKid, sitting down to write has honestly been the last thing on my mind. I can’t commit to putting out multiple pieces of meaningful writing a week when all I want to do in my (very limited) spare time is nap.

All that being said, we aren’t going anywhere. We’re still here and still (kind of) writing. Maybe we don’t post multiple blog posts a week, but we’re not giving up. What’s more important– putting out meaningful writing or posting just for the sake of posting? Yeah, we’ll go with the first one, too.

Keep an eye out for some stuff from us here in the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a piece in the pipeline that I just need to sit down and bust out!

Thank you for being great followers and supportive writers. We’re here for you guys just like you’ve been there for us!

-Amanda (& Kailyn, of course)

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