Six Easy Toddler Friendly Meals

Sometimes it can be difficult to find meals that your little one will eat. Well, don’t worry. We have some great meals for you! Not only are these great for your little one, but they’re good for adults too! Hopefully these ideas will help to make your meal planning and meal time a little smoother.


  • Mini pancakes and strawberry slices. If you want to make your own silver dollar pancakes (that’s what we called them as kids), then grab a box of your favorite pancake mix and whip up a batch! They’re so easy to freeze. If you want to take the lazy way out (like me), you can pick up a box of mini pancakes for less than $2 at your local Target. Sub any fruit that your kiddo will eat if strawberries aren’t their thing.
  • Waffles with nut butter, scrambled egg whites, and yogurt. I wasn’t big on using syrup yet for my kiddo (all the sugar, you know) so I decided to go out on a limb and smear some peanut butter on top. Instant hit! If your kiddo can’t have peanut butter, don’t fret! There are all kinds of butters out there (almond, cashew, sunflower…). I love the Happy Tot’s yogurt, too. It comes in a variety of flavors, and also comes in pouches OR cups! Win-win.


  • All white meat chicken nuggets, cheese stick, fruit/veggie pouch of choice. Again, I picked up these rad dino shaped nuggets at my favorite spot– Target. Antibiotic and hormone free– all the good stuff. My kiddo can’t handle a cheese stick whole yet, so I have to cut it up but it goes down just the same. Parent friendly meal, too, because what adult doesn’t like to play with dinosaur nuggets??
  • Deconstructed ham & cheese sandwich, mixed veggies, and veggie puffs. Just like your favorite sandwich and chips, this meal is quick, easy, and filling. For older kids (or bread free adults), you can even just roll up a piece of meat and a slice of cheese for tasty bread free wrap.


  • Sloppy Joes, watermelon, and macaroni and cheese. Check out this easy recipe for homemade sloppy joes. We use ground turkey and it’s so yummy! Our little guy eats it up fast! If you want to be weird healthy (like we attempt to do), you can grab some gluten free mac & cheese from your local Aldi. It’s better than you think it is.
  • Sausage skillet meal, applesauce, and a dinner roll. The famous sausage skillet meal is a big favorite around our home. Use veggies that you like because it doesn’t always have to be green beans! The meal is easy to cut up for little ones with few to no teeth, too.

All of the meals are easily adapted to fit adults OR kids so you don’t have to worry about making different meals to meet the needs of your little ones. Hopefully this quick post gave you some good ideas to add to your menu next week!

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