5 Tips for Party Planning on a Budget

I’m a frugal person. Cheap. I like to save all the money! When it comes to all things, I like to find a way to make it fabulous while also not spending my entire life savings. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. I’ve got a few good “party planning on the cheap” tips for you guys today. After you’ve picked a fun theme for your kick ass party, follow these 5 steps and you’ll be golden.

Utilize what you already have. For my son, I planned a donut party. I decided to use primary colors– blue, red, and green with hints of yellow and orange to be fun. I pulled out some streamers that I had, old party trays, a picture frame, and other small trinkets to place around, which solidified my theme and color choices. Why spend extra money when I have some basics right at home?

Beg and borrow. It’s ok to not have all of the party trays or cake stands in the world. If you’re lucky like me, your mom already owns all of these serving items and only lives 15 minutes away! (If you’re not as lucky as me, I’m sure you still have some friends nearby who wouldn’t mind letting you borrow some party platters!)

DIY it. You don’t have to be crazy crafty to DIY it. Making garland, simple pictures, or even silly masks is pretty easy and just takes a little patience. If you’re a crafty mom like me, utilize that Cricut that’s gathering dust and make some cool stuff. Photo booth props are all the rage and just take a little cutting and taping.  

Dollar Tree is life. Don’t go spend your money at Party City on expensive decorations! Dollar Tree is where it’s at. They have all of your party decor needs and in coordinating colors! Not gonna lie– Dollar Tree has really stepped up their game lately with kinds of things they offer and the quality isn’t terrible. They have cutlery, plates, napkins, tablecloths, streamers, tissue paper puffy garland things and other things along those lines, balloons, and even servingware! Need a cake stand? Super gluing a candlestick holder and a plate together will meet that need. $2. What a steal, right?! Not to mention that they have some themed items that go together (if you don’t want to come up with your own theme).

It’s all in the details. It’s ok to choose a few main colors and use those for the big details– cups, tablecloth, etc– and then bring in a few small things that will catch your guests’ eye. For my son’s birthday party, I made some donut garland and used leftover paper from that to make a “Please Sign the Guest Book” sign. It added just a little pop and got numerous compliments. Not everything has to make a statement.

Just remember the most important thing about a party: It’s supposed to be FUN! If you’d rather spend $500 for someone else to handle the whole deal, more power to you! But if you’re like me and you’re willing to do a little bit of crafting to get the party to look just like you want it to, then maybe these tips will help you out.

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