Currently: Summer Edition


In March we shared some things that we were loving for the Springtime– books, podcasts, meals, and more. We thought we’d come back with a summer edition. Here are some totally random things we’re currently loving (for momma, kiddos, and life in general) that we wanted to share with you!

Good Eats:

  • Summer makes cooking difficult— it’s just too hot! A favorite weekly dinner is grilling up a bunch of chicken breast ms for chicken wraps. Throw some sliced chicken on a spinach wrap and top with your favorite salad veggies and dressing. Pair with baked chips and a pasta salad. Light and easy dinner!
  • If you’re a momma of a little one and looking for some easy breakfasts, try making some french toast sticks and freezing them or whipping up a batch of banana pancakes. Little W has been a fan of these lately and they’re so simple!
  • Have you ever had frozen grapes? No? Well then you’re welcome for this new, cold and refreshing summer treat.
  • Amanda grabbed some of these disposable mats from the Dollar Tree and they’ve made eating out so much easier! Don’t pay a bunch on Amazon or from Target— just hit up your local Dollar Tree!!



  • These Old Navy Everywear shirts and these slim fit tees are the best. So soft and comfy! And they come in a wide variety of colors/patterns. Makes a quick outfit easy to throw together! We’re basically walking Old Navy advertisements…
  • Anyone else’s fingers swell SO bad in the summertime humidity? Kailyn’s terrified of having her wedding rings get stuck on her finger and finally sprung for a cute, but sensible silicone band until Florida calms down with this heat (so…December?) It does the job and she prefers the thinner band to the thicker ones.  


Goods and Gadgets:

  • This Mrs. Meyer’s scent is to DIE FOR. The geranium smell fills the room and leaves a beautiful floral aroma in the air. Whether you use the all purpose cleaner or the room freshener, you will not be disappointed.
  • Really enjoying this Best Face Forever face wash and the Set the Tone toner that pairs well with it. My face feels clean, fresh, and smooth after using it. Worth the money!
  • I’m just going to put this out there… if you’re not using a Popsocket on your phone then you’re missing out. So handy.



  • If you’re into kind of guilty pleasure/off humor shows and shows like The Office, you’ll want to watch Arrested Development. They recently added an updated season to Netflix, which means even more episodes to binge watch!
  • If you’re not following the ladies of Brooklyn99 in Instagram, you’re missing out. Bringing their entertainment to real life, these awesome women post entertaining blurbs and IG stories. Worth the follow! (Speaking of B99– definitely watch that on Hulu!)
  • Any other Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there? Becca is adorable and seems so genuinely cool…like do you also want to be her friend? Excited to see how this season plays out as I watch from my couch on Monday nights. Any favorites already?


Planning, Organization, and DIY

  • Do you have a cleaning schedule? Do you clean different rooms or do laundry on different days or kinda go with the flow? Kailyn’s been enforcing the “one load a day keeps the laundry mountain away” and it’s been life changing… (or at least really helpful).
  • While Florida is sitting pretty (terribly) at a 100+ degree heat index these days, we’ve been itching to get to the splash pad? What are your summer outdoor plans!? Have you checked out our recent post about how our friend, The Real Kentucky Mom Blog does her (amazing!) summer plans???
  • If you’re anything like Amanda, you have random pill bottles floating around. Upcycle them into some cool toys, like these rattles, for your kid to play with! Remove the pills and replace with beans and rice.


Disclaimer: These are just our opinions of things we think are cool! We are not compensated in any way to promote these products.

One Comment Add yours

  1. therealkentuckymom says:

    Love all these tips! And those old navy shirts are $6 online now! STEAL! Super ideas! I need to implement one load of laundry a day for real!


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