Balancing it all.

A new baby in the house means there has to be a new kind of balance created.

Before having a kid, my evenings were spent lounging around, going to the gym, making dinner, maybe cleaning my house, and a myriad of other things that were basically all about me. I knew that after bringing home my son that life would change. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that something has to give, right? I guess I just didn’t realize how much my life would shift. I went from thinking about me and what I wanted to having to think about how I would squeeze in bath time on any given night.

I’m no a pro at balancing life, by any means. There are definitely days where I short myself or ignore my husband because of all of the things my brain tells me that I have to get done. But I’m working on it. Slowly but surely, I’m working on balancing all the things life throws at me.

First off all, I’m working on utilizing my planner more. I’ve purchased a Plum Paper teacher planner for the last 3 school years and the school year starts out great!… but by May, my poor planner is sitting under a stack of ungraded worksheets. I’ve decided to work on changing that. Having a physical calendar in front of my face (not just buzzing on my phone as I hit remind me later) is really helping to keep me on task. I’m more productive during my work hours, which is a plus.


I’m also delegating a little bit of my work to my husband. I’ve been enlisting his help more instead of trying to do it all. Part of balance is making each side of the scale equal, not weighing down one side with tons of junk. I’ve written about this on other posts or platforms. Sometimes it can be difficult to get your husband involved, but you’ve got to try! Start by offering small/easy tasks that don’t take much time and once he’s gotten the hang of that then tack on a few more. Men can do more than we give them credit for… we just often prefer to do it ourselves. The quality may not always meet my standards, but the job gets done and that’s what matters.

Finally, and somewhat attached to my planner point, is scheduling things out. This can be tedious, but it is definitely helpful on occasion. I will give myself 10 minutes to clean up the kitchen, 20 minutes to fold laundry, and then reward myself with some mindless internet scrolling or sweet baby cuddles. I’m always a little more motivated if I know there is some kind of payoff for me in the end (selfish, I know).

I’m not a pro at this, by any means. I ride the time management struggle bus every day! But it’s all about effort. Balancing a 40 hour a week job, a marriage, a baby, and a social life (ha, yeah right) is a chore! But it can be done. If I ever perfect it, my kid is obviously married and out of the house because that’s when I won’t have to worry about schedules.

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