What’s in your diaper bag?: The Finale

Today we post our last installment of “What’s in your diaper bag?” Some awesome moms took their time to share with us for this post so we can’t keep them hanging! In this post you meet Emily, Courtney, Sarah, and Julia, through their diaper bags! We hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as we have!

Who: Emily
Little(s): Audra- 4, Abigail- 2 1/2, and Adaline- 1 1/2 (& one on the way!)
Region/State: California
What’s in my diaper bag?: As a mother of MANY, Emily carries around everything but the kitchen sink! Some of the random items include vaccination records, loose receipts, wallet, coin purse of gift cards, sunglasses, pad & tampons, medication, and hair ties.
Emily has to carry snacks for all 3 kids and had this to say, “I usually make my own ‘trail mix’ with Honey Nut Cheerios, craisins, mini m&ms, goldfish cracker colors, and goldfish cracker pretzels. I also carry applesauce pouches, fruit snacks, granola bars, and cheez-its. Snacks are literally the life saver when out and about.” She uses the take & toss cups with Inchbug labels with the girls’ names on them so they don’t fight over the cups. With two potty trained little ones, she carries some extra clothes around, leaving most of them in the car. “I always pack the clothes in a ziploc bag so I can swap out the wet/dirty clothes in it afterwards.” As someone who frequents Disney, Emily carries around all the hair ties & a kid’s wet brush. “We’ve been burned before not having hair ties after their hair falls out. Also love the size of the kid’s wet brush. 3 little girls equals a lot of hair.”

Who: Courtney
Little(s): Daniel (3) and Emily (1)
Region/State: Missouri
What’s in my diaper bag?: Courtney keeps her diaper bag down to the basics. Of course she has diapers and wipes. Like some of our other moms, Courtney carries the Posh Healer stick for diaper rashes. She also brings an extra set of clothes for each, a cup for each, snacks, a sticker book and magnetic picture toy, and infant’s & children’s Tylenol. For herself, Courtney packs breast pads, concealer & powder, a hair brush, and her wallet.
You can follow Courtney’s mom life on IG at @cannegraham!

Who: Sarah
Little(s): Emmy (16 months)
Region/State: Canada!
What’s in my diaper bag?: Sarah wrote her own little blurb that was perfect as is. Here’s what she had to say about her diaper bag!: “To start, I carry Pampers Cruisers diapers, Huggies One & Done wipes in a reusable Huggies clutch, Diaper Genie Portable Diaper Bag Dispenser (essential for everything from newborn diaper explosions to carry the dirty clothes home in, to filling with your toddlers empty snack pouches and used Kleenexes while you’re on the go), those are my top three essentials that we never leave the house without! For longer trips out of the house we also bring her Skip Hop straw cup, a couple of Baby Gourmet pouches for snacking on the go, a spare sweater and hat during the colder months, a toy (currently her favorite is a Fisher Price smart phone toy), and of course Kleenex which is a toddler must. I keep all of that in my Bebamour unisex diaper bag backpack from Amazon!”

Who: Julia
Little(s): S – 5 years, T – 10 months
Region/State: Northeast US
What’s in my diaper bag?: Julia lives in a colder climate, too. In her diaper bag she carries a baby hat and mittens, an extra blanket (a heavier one stays in the car). Of course she has the usual diapers, wipes, and aquaphor, along with baby safe bug spray, sunscreen, and lotion. A few “must haves” she carries include a travel formula container and a baby bottle with disposable liners. Wet bag and an extra outfit including socks. “We don’t use cloth diapers”, says Julia, “but a wet bag works great to keep gross clothes separated.” Of course she carries the usual extra outfit and necessary snacks, like Gerber Puffs. “Boogie wipes. These are amazing for gross booger faces and don’t dry out skin or rub it raw.” She carries all of the pacifier things– a pacifier, pacifier wipes, and a pacifier bag that clips onto the diaper bag strap (which is smart considering how often those things end up on the ground). To wrap it up, Julia totes around a fun toy and boots that her little refuses to keep on. “There’s not anything for our 5 year old with the exception of some candy she gets at gymnastics. We keep a bag with extra clothes for her in the car.”


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