Feeding Baby and the Magical Pouch Maker

Background: When S was old enough to start solids we did a mixture of purees and some baby led weaning. I wasn’t super comfortable with the idea of all baby led weaning so we did what worked for us. She wasn’t extremely into solids for awhile and had some other gas issues from nursing that were dairy related, so we definitely hesitantly tested things during that chapter. Per the research and instruction of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we introduced her to solids around six months. Even though she showed all the signs of being ‘ready’ she wasn’t super into solid food so we never forced it. Around seven month she got more interested, but only really ate solids consistently around eight months. We were still doing a mixture of solids and table food that we ate, nursing, and purees. One of the choices I made early on was to make and provide her her food rather than buy store bought baby food, at least in the beginning. It was important to me to do so. Not because it was the better choice, but because it was what I wanted and valued. (This is where all the second-time moms laugh and say, “that’s nice, you first time mom, you”). But hear me out. Because I will 100% make food for my second kid too. If I don’t, well then you can say I told you so. I enjoyed making purees for her and knowing exactly what I was feeding her. I was working from home so I had the time and ability to. It worked for us in that stage of life and I’m really glad it did.

But I want to share with you what made it so stinkin’ incredibly easy to do so!

She was around nine months when we ordered the Infantino Squeeze Station.

fresh-squeezed-infantino(Image courtesy of Infantino)

Let me tell you…total game changer, guys. This is one of the coolest, easiest to use baby gadget I’ve come across. I now tell all my mom friends to go get one. It was SO easy to make her food. I never bought any special baby blender.  I knew exactly what I was putting in my kid’s mouth and I had convenient bags for her to have for meals at home or to grab when we left the house. I used up our groceries and produce we already bought, and in doing so, saved any from going bad. I labeled and froze pouches to use for weeks later which I could easily defrost if I needed them at a moment’s notice. I would spend time making a huge batch of pouches once every two weeks or so and they would be easily accessible in the freezer to grab for the diaper bag on our way out. It was perfect! And have I mentioned EASY?!

Okay, so…


I used the rice cooker/steamer we already had, (but you could definitely just use a pan and steam fruits and veggies, or even the microwave!) and then put them in the food processor. I would then label the pouches with what concoction I used and the date. After you have your puree you use the Squeeze Station and put the food in the pouches. Minimal mess. Super easy.


Literally any fruits and veggies. We started with easy things like sweet potatoes and carrots, or pears and berries. Then I got more creative as she got older and needed filling things. Some of her other favorites were butternut squash, banana, and peaches. I’d make smoothies and add oats, flax seed, etc for them to be more sustaining to her. Pinterest has a TON of awesome combinations.

The Squeeze Station is about $20 (Target, Amazon, Walmart etc). 50 throw away pouches are $15. Depending on how many you go through, of course, depend on how long those last. But at least a month or two. Pouches or baby food in store are $1.50-$2+ each.

I am by no means, a health freak or “crunchy,” BUT I do lean towards that side of motherhood. I loved making her food and knowing what was in it. Simple as that! I would say a big con would be the time to do it. But I think it’s like meal prepping. It’s one of those things that, yeah, it takes a little bit of time, but you don’t mind doing it and when you do you’re grateful for it.

This Infantino page of Frequently Asked Questions is a great reference

***All opinions on this product are my own, truly because we have LOVED using it! I am not being sponsored or compensated in any way for this post***

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