What’s in YOUR diaper bag?

We decided to reach out to a few other mommas to see what kind of goods are in their diaper bags. Items we carry vary based on where we live, how many littles we have, boy or girl, personal preference, and so much more. After our last post (and the positive feed back) we thought we would do this one (or two) more times. In this post, you’ll get some insight from three mommas at various stages of motherhood. Meet Courtney, Devon, and Taylor, and take a peek inside their diaper bags!

Who: Courtney
Little(s): Melanie (1 year)
Region/State: Georgia
1B124534-BDF3-4E31-9836-D6AD7B2308DD - Courtney Arbildo What’s in my diaper bag?: Like most moms, Courtney carries a changing pad to protect little Melanie from nasty changing tables. She is a cloth diapering momma, so her handy wet bag and extra cloth diapers take up some space, but she carries a few disposables (just in case). A case full of wipes is a necessity! An avid Posh user, Courtney carries her handy dandy Posh hand cream to take care of that winter dryness but keeps it balanced with hand sanitizer. She carries a blanket (“For carts at the store, because I’m too cheap to buy those expensive covers”, says Courtney). Melanie’s Solly Wrap used to reside in there but it was just retired. Some other little items include toys, snacks, a water/sippy cup, trusty booger wipes, saline spray, and (of course) a spare outfit for little Melanie. In place of a purse, Courtney keeps her wallet, feminine products, and some lipstick in the diaper bag just for her.
You can follow Courtney and her adorable fam on IG at @court.arbildo!

Who: Devon
Little(s): Oliver (23 months)
Region/State: California (for now!)20180403_170228 - Devon Collins
What’s in my diaper bag?: Another cloth diapering mom, Devon makes sure to carry extra diapers, covers, and inserts in her diaper bag, along with some diaper cream. For the dirty diapers she has a wet bag/plastic bags on hand. She carries around an extra change of clothes and sweatshirt for her little guy and extra burp cloth, but these are used to clean up messes now. Now that her boy is growing up, she carries around favorite book and crayons…. really anything to keep him busy! “Especially if we are going out to eat and he’s sitting around for a long time!”, says Devon. She’s a smart mom, this one. “All the snacks I can possibly stuff in there” and a sippy cup (or 2!) of water or juice. A growing boy needs his snacks! Another Posh lover (and consultant!) Devon carries some hand cream and hand sanitizer for mom and dad.
You can check out Devon’s Posh IG at @posh.andchill

Who: Taylor
Little(s): Grayson (11 months)
Region/State: Texas30EF52E6-9D18-4E46-B592-3DCA29CA5CA6 - Taylor Terrazas-Haywood
What’s in my diaper bag?: Taylor likes to keep the basics in her diaper bag for her little guy. Toys, puffs, a fruit pouch, and you can’t forget about a granola bar for mom (we get hungry, too!). Like a lot of moms I’ve talked to, Taylor uses this awesome Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cup– great for keeping in liquids. Of course, the much needed wipes and diapers are included. Mom carries an extra outfit for baby and bib, as well extra shirt for herself (so smart though, really) and a ziplock bag for a messy outfit. She likes to keep things clean so Taylor carries some table/high chair sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer. Of course, her bag houses her “mom essentials”: a nursing cover, sunglasses, wallet, keys, phone, tissues, pads, and gum.


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