What’s in your diaper bag?

What’s in your Diaper Bag?
We always see those “What’s in your Purse?” posts and let’s be real, we haven’t carried a purse in months. Unless a wallet thrown in a diaper bag counts? But we love hearing what works for other Momma’s on a daily basis, so we thought it’d be fun to hear what some moms swear by keeping in their diaper bag! We’ve also included the age of their littles and the region or state that they live in for comparison.

Who: Kailyn
Little(s): girl, 19 months
Region/State: Florida
What’s in my diaper bag?

  • Diapers…duh. We’re Team Pampers for Miss Sensitive Booty, over here. We also part time cloth diaper (usually at home, but occasionally on short outings). So if I’m out with cloth I carry a small wet bag and a few extra plastic bags with me as well.
  • Homemade wipes – keep an eye out, I’ll be posting the way I make these soon!
  • Sippy with water
  • SNACKS, SNACKS, and…more snacks: I think I’m becoming the “snack mom.” Or my kid just eats a ton. Both, I think. We love these containers for on-the-go (or at home) and there’s usually 2-3 in the diaper bag at any given time. We often throw in a squeezable applesauce or pouch, box of raisins, and nutrigrain bar, and PB crackers for longer outings.
  • Cardboard books: We’re in the ‘language explosion’ toddler phase and I’ve picked up some cheap cardboard books from the dollar store. S loves them and they’re lightweight enough to throw in the bag for the car or a restaurant.
  • Random assortment of bows usually…hashtag, girl mom.
  • Misc: Motrin, Boogie Wipes (I thought these were SO silly when I first started mom-ing but they’re not, they’re awesome go get them), chapstick and hair ties for mama, sunblock for the fair-skinned babe, sometimes a few small dollar store toys or cars for if we go out to eat.

Who: Amanda
Little(s): boy, 9 months
Region/State: South Carolina
What’s in my diaper bag?

  • I feel this goes without saying, but all the diapers and wipes. Typically my favorite store brand, Target. We’ve tried a few different diapers and these really hold up the best for our kiddo. I’ve also been using the Aldi brand– less than $11 for a big box of diapers. Score.
  • Nosh teething wafers and Plum food pouches. We don’t typically need these while we’re out, but if we stop somewhere where we’re eating, he wants to snack too.
  • Teething toys. Every teething toy. Everything goes in his mouth and often ends up on the floor. It’s important to have extras for the occasional grocery store toy drop. His favorite is this silicone cell phone.
  • Books. Right now we just carry around the cloth books because they’re easy and he loves flipping through (and chewing on) books.
  • Extra burp cloths. These are a must on the days where milk just doesn’t want to stay in homeboy’s belly.
  • Spare outfit in a waterproof bag. You never know when a blowout or some kind of leakage is going to occur! Always be prepared for a quick costume change and have somewhere to store those dirty clothes.
  • Last but not least, muslin blanket. So many uses for this thing. I use it to line a grocery cart seat with some extra padding, act as a play mat on the floor, serve as a cover for nursing in public, and more. I never leave home without one!
  • I keep some other random things like sunscreen, diaper cream, disposable breast pads, baby tylenol, bandaids, and writing utensils stashed in the bag as well!


We’re going to do this a few more time with mommas all over the country, so get ready! If you were looking for ideas of things you should get for your diaper bag you will not be short of ideas after this series is over.

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