Finding Rest.

Rest. It is a necessity but a very scarce commodity for mamas. In a lot of homes, moms are the ones that make things happen. They are the ones that set routines, make dinner, do baths, clean up, create crafts, and so much more. Sometimes mom days start at 5:00 am and aren’t over until after 9:00 pm. That’s not even taking into account moms who work outside of the home or stay at home with their children. Being a mom is a job in itself. 

After I had my little guy, I tried to do all the things. I thought I could keep the house clean, make all the dinners, take care of him, give my husband the attention he needed, and still find time to do all of the normal hobbies that I loved. It didn’t take me very long to realize that I couldn’t but that didn’t keep me from trying. One day, I broke. My kid hadn’t slept all day and screamed most nights when we tried to put him to bed. My husband came home from work and I met him at the door. Messy bun, leggings, and exhausted face (not the best greeting, I’m sure). “Take the baby. I need a nap. Just take the baby.” I didn’t nap. I literally just laid in my bed crying from exhaustion. The crying didn’t make me feel any better, but it did lead to good conversation, a little less stress, and started the road to finding some rest.  

Rest. We know we’re supposed to do it. We know it is important. We know. But finding the time? Seemingly impossible. Regardless of the possibility, it is a must! We’ve all heard it– you can’t pour into others from an empty tank. Make sure you carve out a little time for yourself. Rest. Relax. Recharge. Here are a few ideas of how you can do this with so little time on your hands.

First, outsource tasks. This isn’t always a possibility for people due to budgetary constraints, but if you can find someone else to mow your lawn or scrub your shower, do it. There was a short period of time where Michael and I had a cleaner (and this will definitely happen again). It was helpful to have someone come every other week to take care of the big things that I just couldn’t manage to do regularly like scrubbing the showers or mopping the floors. Outsourcing some tasks that caused me so much stress helped to lighten my burden and calm my days. I wasn’t stressed on the weekends about how much cleaning I had to get done before Monday rolled back around.

Second, delegate. I am guilty of taking on too much. I like to think, “I can do it all!” Newsflash (to myself): I can’t do it all. And neither can you! If you need help with dinner, rope in your husband. If your kids are old enough to use a little hand broom, have them sweep up some mess. Don’t feel like you need to be the one to do it all. This might sound like my previous point, but it’s slightly different in the sense that you don’t pay the people you delegate tasks to.

Finally, schedule it. You might not be able to sleep through the night all the time. You might be like me and go from the second you get up to the second you go to sleep. Rest may be something you’re craving but also be the furthest thing from your mind. Make it happen. Schedule it. Do not let anyone change that schedule. On Monday say, “Husband, I’m going to Target on Wednesday at 6pm for 2 hours by myself. You have the kid(s). Have fun.” AND DON’T GIVE IT UP. In all honesty, this is still something I am working on. My mind tells me that it’s just easier for me to handle the baby but that’s not a good way to think.

Rest. Being a mom is wonderful. It’s an amazing blessing to watch your kiddo grow and change every single day. But doing all of the mom things can take it out of you. Make time for yourself. Sip Starbucks in Target. Go see a movie. Hire someone to mow the lawn. Order takeout on Thursday nights. You can be Superwoman without doing it all.

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  1. Mediworks says:

    Very appropriately suggested, an essential ingredient for every mom’s life is “Rest”.

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