Currently: Likes, Loves, & Must Haves!

Here are some totally random things we’re currently loving that we wanted to share with you! Happy Wednesday!

Good Eats:

  • Kailyn (and family) is loving this One-Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta recipe lately. Husband and toddler approved. Make it healthier by subbing in some ground turkey for the beef, homemade salsa, and your own taco seasonings instead of a packet. And it’s a one pot meal. Score. But go ahead and dump in way more cheese than the recipe says, we won’t tell!
  • Amanda’s new favorite dinner is crockpot pork carnitas. She grabbed this pre-marinated pork shoulder from Aldi (which gets two thumbs up from everyone who tries it) and throws it in the crockpot on low for 8 hours. Add on to some little flour tortillas and top with your favorite taco toppings– simple, lean, and tasty! Best part? Plenty of recipes out there to use the leftovers!
  • Do you have a toddler that snacks ALL. DAY. LONG? These are a serious game changer. Go order at least two to start. And keep one in the diaper bag. They figure out how to use them and they’re wonderful.
  • A new favorite for the little one in Amanda’s house are these Nosh organic rice wafers. W loves them so much! They come in a variety of flavors, are easy to pack and to clean up, and are (best of all) a healthier alternative to some prepackaged snacks.


  • This crazy Florida weather doesn’t know what’s up…Good thing Old Navy’s swing dresses can be layered over leggings or with a cardigan. Flattering, comfy, and affordable? Done. Keep an eye out for sales!
  • Great deal alert! Comfy t-shirts (that Amanda basically lives in) starting at $5 at Target. All different styles and fits, but all great for your wallet!

Goods and Gadgets:

  • Did you know there’s a kitchen gadget that easily helps you cut grapes? You’re welcome for sharing this OXO Tot Grape Cutter with you. Kailyn’s sweet husband won’t stop mocking her for it. But it’s the kitchen tool Moms of toddlers everywhere never knew they needed, I promise.
  • The best bath time item in Amanda’s house is this baby towel. It was a gift she didn’t know she needed! The towel makes ending bath time a breeze by allowing you to wear the towel, place the baby on your chest right out of the bath, and wrap them up quick and easy! It’s great for keeping your baby warm and your floor dry.
  • Does your little one love trying to chew on your cell phone? Amanda found this great alternative that W loves to gnaw on. This BPA free silicone smart phone allows your little one a cell phone that meets their communication and teething needs.


  • Some things currently on our nightstands can be found here, here (more on this one later), and here.
  • Mama’s who are looking for some wholesome, positive, and knowledgeable workout inspiration for at home; check out Ashley Nowe, @getmomstrong on Instagram! No fake or ‘magic’ products, just honest workouts, encouragement, and tips.
  • Kailyn wasn’t the biggest fan of The Greatest Showman like so many others were, but let’s talk about that amazing soundtrack, shall we?!
  • Kailyn is finding motivation to Spring clean and declutter after listening to this podcast. Amanda finds a little comedy with this podcast (heads up: not really kid friendly!).

Planning and Organization:

  • Amanda is in planning mode lately, pinning all of the things of Pinterest in preparation for W’s 1st birthday in July. The theme is donuts and she’s planning all of the crafty DIY things like this, this, and this, to make this birthday fun and festive! (Stay tuned for updates on Amanda’s IG!)


Disclaimer: These are just our opinions of things we think are cool! We are not compensated in any way to promote these products. 

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