A Solution for the Chronic Snacker

Confession, I am a serious snacker throughout the day…aaaand my snacking isn’t always the healthiest. Generally it’s whatever I can grab.

Enter snack boxes.


This concept has been a major game changer in mine and my family’s snacking habits and is so simple you’re probably going to exhibit a full on “duh” to me while reading. I’m not even sure where I saw it first; Pinterest most likely. Since I’ve started doing it, I’ve gotten more creative and fine-tuned the process. It’s been fun to mix it up and find what works. I’m so excited to share what works for my family with you! This has been an awesome cure for the mid afternoon 3pm hunger while I’m home. My husband also works long days and has a long commute. I throw these in his lunch box so he can snack during his busy day whenever he gets a chance to grab something. Here are some tips for creating the best snack boxes.

Boxing tips:
I’ve learned that celery absorbs any salt from almonds, pretzels etc, so I bag the almonds within the box separately now. Or that the almonds get soggy if they’re next to berries or something that gives off moisture.

A few smaller things vs one big thing:
I would rather have a small amount of a few different things than a large amount of less things. This really helps any sweet or salty cravings throughout the day. This is a great solution to “not being in the mood for one specific thing.” Whether it’s the post dinner snack or post workout munch, I don’t usually want ONE specific thing. This is a little bit of everything! Salty, sweet, crunchy etc.

Monday or Tuesday:
They’re best created on Monday or Tuesday for the week and usually last at optimum freshness for no longer than 4 days. I’ve found if I don’t make them those two days I lose momentum to make them for that week. I know this one kinda sounds silly, but trust me. By Wednesday the week is more over than beginning and well, I might as well try again next week!

Easy to grab!

This is probably the best reason to make these; convenience. I take one day and make them in an hour or so, then I’m set for the week. They’re literally right in front of me. I took one in the car the other day because I knew I’d be out all morning and didn’t want to grab fast food at 11am to “hold me over before I got home for lunch.” Yeah, I could’ve grabbed a granola bar or something, but this filled me up enough and was still lighter than a greasy meal. I able to come home and workout during nap then eat lunch a little bit afterwards. Win, win.

Overall this is such a great, HEALTHY* solution to the snacking dilema!
What would you put in yours?!


Some things included in the picture are:
Cut cheese cubes/cheese sticks
Clementine halves
Veggies and hummus
Other ideas not shown:
Hard boiled eggs
Pita chips/hummus
Cut fruits/veggies!
Homemade PB Protein Bites
Other berries

The possibilities are endless!




*Disclaimer, I am not a qualified health professional nor do I claim to be overly knowledgeable in the health/diet field. I cannot tell you how many calories are in these boxes because I create them completely randomly. They’re just a simple and convenient, as-healthy-as-you-make-them, snacking idea!

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  1. kat says:

    This is so smart! Thanks for sharing!

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