What Pregnancy Taught Me.

Pregnancy. It’s a beautiful thing. Women get to experience so many feelings throughout the nine months of growth. They love the feeling of growing another human life inside of their body. The changes they get to experience, private moments for just them and their growing bundle of joy.The excitement of sharing the news with family and friends. Constant fawning and smiles from everyone you encounter. Pregnancy. There are so many wonderful, joyous, amazing, awe-filled moments when it comes to being pregnant. Who wouldn’t love that?

Me. Oops, did I actually say that?

Pregnancy was great and all. Honestly, I am so blessed to have my son– he really is such an incredible blessing in our lives. It is amazing watching him grow and learn. Everyday is a new experience– he learns a new sound, can suddenly grasp food the right way, or can sit up for more than five seconds without falling over. I love being a mom so much and wish I could make that my career. But pregnancy? Oh, pregnancy. I was not the biggest fan. Let me share with you three things I learned throughout my nine months of growing a human.

First, it is totally ok to complain. Pregnancy is messy. Just like life with a new baby brings new, exciting adventures each day, pregnancy brings new aches, pains, smells, and sounds each day. I have seen on the great invention of social media where women shame other women for complaining about various pregnancy related things. Do not fall into that! Complain when you’re too nauseous to eat dinner (again), when you’re having aches from your ligaments stretching, or you can’t sleep thanks to the giant kicking beach ball attached to your front. It is normal, acceptable, and completely encouraged that you complain a little bit.

Next, what just happened is totally normal. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I googled, “Is it normal for [fill in the blank] to happen while pregnant?” Countless times. Your body is creating another living thing from almost nothing. Weird things are going to happen. Swollen ankles, sciatica, weird pimples, sore belly. It is all so normal. I even developed carpal tunnel while pregnant! I had to sleep with a wrist brace on, as if the growing belly wasn’t enough of a mood killer. *Disclaimer: If you’re seriously worried, call your doctor. It may be normal but you’ll feel better after you bug your doctor about it!

Last, we need to tell our stories to other mamas. For some reason, pregnancy and childbirth seem to be super taboo topics. We all know about “pregnancy glow” and cute baby kicks. But do you know how many women I’ve talked to didn’t know that a baby wasn’t the only thing you had to deliver in that hospital room? Share your stories, ladies! That’s probably the biggest thing I learned with all of my questions and concerns during my pregnancy. I do not want to scare anyone away from having a baby, by any means, but women should be prepared. Tell other women about your weird cravings, annoying aches, and a little bit about your childbirth craziness. Help other soon-to-be moms deal with their swollen ankles and gestational diabetes. Because all of these things are really so normal, we should be able to count on our fellow moms to help guide us on this complicated journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy is amazing. It led to my son, a blessing beyond anything that I can imagine; the joy and love of my life. Even with the messiness, carpal tunnel, torn muscle in my stomach, and sciatic pain, I would do it again if it meant that I got my son out of the deal. Once they place that baby in your arms, you forget about those annoying pregnancy moments and get to stare into the eyes of your newest true love. You get lost in their scent and their sweet sleepy smile. Time freezes and everything that once seemed like a big deal fades away into nothing…

…until you get that stomach “massage”. But that’s a whole different story.

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