Valentine’s Day Fun!

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday. Some people go all out— balloons, candy, flowers. The works. Some people do something a little more low key like an intimate dinner with their love. Others don’t even acknowledge the holiday.

Personally, Michael and I are the low key celebrators. I will admit that I am way more into Valentine’s Day than he is. I’m much more the romantic, in general. One year when we were first dating, I got his parents to let me into their house while Michael was at work. I placed a flower, candy, a small gift, and a handwritten note on his bed. Smooth, right? My shenanigans don’t stop there, but those are stories for another time.

Kailyn and I have come up with a few different easy dates that you can partake in this Valentine’s day— dates with the kid(s), at home dates, and out on the town dates.


Dates with the kids always have to be a little more creative. If you have a little babe like Michael and I, this really isn’t an option. These dates are more for parents of children who can kind of do their own thing; Toddlers and beyond.

  • Cookie decorating fun. Will this be messy? Yes. Will someone crash after eating too much icing? Most definitely (that would be me). But dates that allow everyone to act a little silly are always a good choice. Everyone can decorate a cookie for the others. The date can end with cone cookie sampling and hot chocolate. Grab some sugar cookie mix (even the stuff from the refrigerated section will do), heart cookie cutters, a big can of icing, and all the heart sprinkles. This is fun you won’t want to miss out on. And imagine the photo ops!
  • Heart themed breakfast. Breakfast foods in fun shapes? What could be better? Grab a few heart shaped cookie cutters and pancake molds to create the ultimate explosion breakfast food in the shape of hearts. You can even get your children involved in this by having them help mix and pour the pancake batter or decorate the table with some fun cards and confetti.

We know that not everyone has childcare available. Trustworthy babysitters are hard to come by! When that is the case, an at home date is the best (and only) option.

  • The Classic: pizza and a cheesy RomCom. The good thing about this date is that you can have it be super low effort by ordering pizza to be delivered to your house OR you can be more creative by making homemade pizza! Love is about compromise, so maybe after you put the babe to bed you could pick out a cheesy romantic comedy and your fella can pick an action movie!
  • Fondue night! Since our first Valentine’s Day (Kailyn), Kevin and I started a tradition where we stay home on February 14th and have fondue for dinner and dessert then go out February 15th. This partially happened as a way to avoid the restaurant crowds, pre-baby and has just stuck. While this looks a little different with a toddler these days, it’s can definitely still be manageable and fun! We get a whole spread going; I usually do meat and bread with cheese fondue for dinner. Then of course chocolate fondue with fruit, pretzels, marshmallows…for dessert. This is such a flexible meal that you can change it to fit your likes and dislikes.

If you’re blessed enough to have a good babysitter on call, take advantage of that and get out of the house! Whether you have your Valentine’s date on the 14th or a different evening, getting out of the house without the little one(s) is a treat in itself. Here are a couple ideas for an “out and about” date.

  • Tourist in your own town. This date may take a little bit of preplanning to figure out the good touristy things to do where you live. What this may look like…. First stop: Drinks at the trendy downtown brewery followed by dinner at a good local diner. You can finish out the date with desserts at a local delicatessen or a ghost walking tour.
  • Theater night. Most towns have a kitchy little local theater that puts on plays year round. This is a great date night idea! Stock your big purse with candy, cookies, popcorn, and mini bottles of wine (shh… I didn’t say that). Make sure you grab a good seat and get ready to become the best art critics in town!

However you are able to celebrate Valentine’s Day, make it special for the two of you! Ignore social media and focus on each other (but make sure to snap a few selfies to document how much fun you had).


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